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Multipurpose Bootstrap 5 E-Commerce Template

Unlock the potential of your online business with our premium e-commerce front-end template, carefully crafted on the latest Bootstrap framework.

Furniture Store Furniture Store
Grocery Store Grocery Store
Fashion Store v.1 Fashion Store v.1
Electronics Store Electronics Store
Fashion Store v.2 Fashion Store v.2

Complete E-Commerce Front-end Solution

All you need for your next e-commerce project

E-Commerce Front-end E-Commerce Front-end
  • Multiple Shop Layout Options
  • Multiple Product Page Variations
  • Complete Order Workflow: Cart + Checkout
  • Shop Customer Account Pages
  • Dashboard (CMS) Pages (Coming soon)
  • Electronics, Fashion, Grocery and Furniture Demos
  • Blog Pages: Blog Layouts + Single Articles
  • Help Center / Support Pages
  • Secondary Pages: About, Contacts, 404, etc.
  • 60+ Flexible Components (UI Kit)
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Cartzilla Feature Highlights


Built with Latest Bootstrap

Cartzilla is the powerful e-commerce front-end solution based on Bootstrap 5 - the world's most popular responsive, mobile-first front-end component library.


Easy to Customize with Sass

Cartzilla is built using Sass, allowing for effortless customization of colors, typography, and beyond. It is the most mature, stable, and powerful CSS extension language in the world.


Kick-start Your Development

Start your development process fast and easy with included Npm scripts setup, full tasks automation and local server hot reload. The configuration files are included in the download package.


Future-proof JavaScript

Cartzilla's core scripts, along with all dependencies, are meticulously crafted in vanilla JS (ES6 modules), ensuring optimal performance and compatibility across various platforms.


W3C Valid HTML Code

As you likely know, ensuring 100% valid code through W3C validation for all HTML files is crucial. Invalid HTML imposes restrictions on innovation, yet Cartzilla remains innovative at its core.


Premium Figma File Included

A well-crafted Figma design file is included in the download package. It offers a visually stunning and thoroughly organized layout, utilizing Figma's components and styles.

Touch UI

Touch-enabled Sliders

In the era of touch screens it is important to ensure great user experience on handheld devices, especially when it comes to such frequently used interface component as slider.

Google Fonts

Google Fonts

Cartzilla uses preloaded variable Google font (Inter) which is free, fast to load and of very high quality. Currently Google fonts library includes 1600+ font families to choose from.

Vector Icons

Vector Based HD-ready Icons

Cartzilla is equiped with font-based icon pack and svg icons to ensure that infographics and interface icons look sharp on any device with any screen resolution and pixel density.

Mobile screens Mobile screens

Mobile Friendly Interface. PWA ready

Cartzilla ensures seamless interactions across all devices. With progressive web app (PWA) compatibility, users can enjoy the app-like experiences on their mobile browsers.

Scan QR code below to test on your device:

QR code QR code

Theme Customizer

Colors Colors

Change theme brand colors quickly and easily

Customize theme colors to match your brand palette using the color picker or just type in the color hex. Supported colors: primary, warning, success, info, danger.

Typography Typography

Set up fonts from the huge Google font collection

Easily change the font to your liking. Choose the font from Google Fonts library of 1,600+ open source font families. Update headings and body font sizes right from customizer.

Borders Borders

Rounded or square? Customize borders as you wish

It's up to you to make your website soft and friendly with increased border radius or add business vibes with less rounded shapes. Additionally, you can adjust the border width.

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