Project structure

Folder / File name Description
Cartzilla Folder contains all template source and production files.
Cartzilla / src This folder holds all template source files like .pug, .scss, .js that are then processed (compiled / minified) to dist folder.
Cartzilla / dist Folder contains all template distribution files like .html, .css, .js that have been processed (compiled / minified) from src folder using Node.js and Gulp.
Cartzilla / dist / vendor This folder contains all vendor plugins' .js / .css files.
Cartzilla / package.json File contains meta data about your app or module. Most importantly, it includes the list of dependencies to install from npm when running npm install.
Cartzilla / gulpfile.js Configuration file for Gulp library. It contains all tasks you want to perform with Gulp. Learn more about it from Working with Gulp section or official Gulp documentation.
Cartzilla / src / js This folder contains main theme.js and components subfolder with all modules. theme.js is processed (compiled / minified) into 2 files: dist/js/theme.js and dist/js/theme.min.js. The latter is linked to all .html documents
Cartzilla / src / scss This folder contains all project sass files that are compiled and minified to styles in dist/css/ folder.
Cartzilla / src / templates This folder contains all pug files that are compiled into HTML in dist, dist/components and dist/docs folders.
Note: if you do not use Pro Front-End setup with Node.js and Gulp and want directly edit html / css / js files you should be looking into dist folder.

Whether you work with Node.js and Gulp or not you can still take advantage of preprocessors for HTML and CSS.
In this case you might want to learn how to use Pug and Sass.