Global colors

There are 2 options to customize Cartzilla global colors:

  1. Customize global colors via Sass variables
  2. Replace global colors in CSS

Customize global colors via Sass variables

In case you want to create your own color scheme - the fastest and painless way to do that is via Sass variables.

Simply copy necessary variable from Cartzilla/src/scss/theme/_variables.scss file and paste to Cartzilla/src/scss/_user-variables.scss, then compile new theme.min.css file either using Prepros or Gulp. Check Using Preprocessors and Working with Gulp sections for instructions.

Blelow is the screenshot of the part of Sass variables file responsible for global colors:

Sass Variables

Replace global colors in CSS

This is the hardest way to do things done. I don't recommend it but if you prefer vanilla CSS you can replace all color hex values inside Cartzilla/dist/css/theme.min.css with your own using "find and replace" panel of you code editor. Refer to the image above as a guidance.